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fig: Atelier Versace 精選   這個品牌善於打造女性性感細膩突顯水蛇腰S曲線  

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 趣怪聖誕Feel  可愛插畫師點亮奇幻森林

Sze Chow | 25.10.2013  http://www.elle.com.hk/lifestyle/culture/Christmas-decoration-at-times-square-by-modern-illustrator-Javier-Gonzalez-Burgos

時代廣場邀請了阿根廷當代藝術家 Javier Gonzalez Burgos 以經典聖誕元素加上機動裝置和節日燈飾,精雕細琢出一個奇幻繪畫世界。



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Exercises For
Heart Health

quote from: http://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/814921/5-best-exercises-to-improve-heart-health-1

You don’t need to be a hardcore athlete to boost your heart health. Moderate exercise can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses as well as improve your endurance, strength and flexibility. Any amount and type of physical activity is beneficial for your overall health, but read on for the amount of exercise and the top five exercises that will best benefit your heart.


How much exercise do you need for heart health?

Experts recommend doing some form of moderate aerobic activity for at least 150 minutes or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week. You can spread the minutes out in any manner that works for your schedule. For example, you can take a 22-minute walk each day (moderate) or run 15 minutes five times per week (vigorous). The key is scheduling some form of moderate to vigorous cardiovascular activity into your week and actually doing it.

5 Best exercises to improve heart health

Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is any form of activity that increases your respiratory and heart rate, essentially challenging your heart to work harder and become stronger. Cardiovascular fitness will improve the way your body uses oxygen. As your heart becomes stronger, you will find that you aren't winded walking up the stairs, you can perform physical activity longer, and your resting heart rate will be lower, meaning your heart is more efficient at pumping blood through your body. Though any aerobic exercise is good for your heart, these five physical activities are top-notch for heart health.

1. Brisk walking

The human body was born to walk. Whether you rack up the miles on a treadmill or hit the road, brisk walking is a natural way to improve your fitness. Wear supportive, comfortable walking shoes, strap on your iPod and get moving. Though a leisure stroll is better than sitting on your couch, push yourself to walk at a fast pace to achieve a moderate intensity level.

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新妓生傳OST - 戀情歌( 연정가)



韓劇 [老天爺給我愛] 韓文歌 電視劇插曲 OST  中文歌名譯作: 天可憐見    



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電話:(02) 2542-5506


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《幸福兌換券》: 三立電視劇八點檔
由胡宇威、袁艾菲、是元介、翁滋蔓主演。【我的自由年代】是元介(人維)、翁滋蔓(白雪) 再續"友達以上戀人未滿"的情緣 =ccc= 
播出時間: 接檔《媽咪的男朋友》


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DIY 製作面紙套




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1. oops!!! i am An :: 痞客邦PIXNET~小安部落格http://ananchen.pixnet.net/blog   

時尚風格:中性個性穿搭 (骨架偏瘦美眉的參考指標) 
其他推薦: 牙套篇髮型教學文 (小安的教學文都講解的非常清楚) 
小安的店: 台北

2 Benshee。花猴。購物狂

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春夏&秋冬 婚禮 時尚洋裝 穿搭   定番單品歐~  

1  歐根紗長袖針織洋裝-




2 珍珠緞帶腰帶皮帶-露比午茶 百元入手

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推薦穿搭 TOP 1


【DIZZY DARLING】帥氣挺版西裝外套(黑白二色)






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Argentina Tourist Attractions


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Sightseeing: Turkey

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Burberry sunglasses Spring 2012 Collection

Burberry Spring-Summer 2012 sunglasses :tribal style

Design: from striking African prints to chevron stripes

Label: fashion taste, eyewear


Read More: 

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setting: Brisbane 布里斯本 


setting: Gold Coast 黃金海岸


(上圖: 假日市集vs. 黃金海岸的海灘上)

, ,

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博客來(隔日取件): http://www.books.com.tw/exep/assp.php/beenowait/products/N000387231?utm_source=beenowait&utm_medium=ap-books&utm_content=recommend&utm_campaign=ap-201311




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 New Arrival 限量一個 定價: 1280     7-11 取件運費: 45 元



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Description& details:  

With metal feet to protect the bottom, the interior is equipment with one lined compartments and two pockets. The outerward is trimmed with double-side zippers. It is a luxurious collection with versatile functions, which perfectly fit for any fashion style. The maker is renowned for its craftsmanship and skillful texture. This bright  item is perfect for summertime.accessories.    


Retail Value: US $180 dollars   

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Description& details:  

The front side of this serpentine pattern bag is decorated with highly treasured  zanotti material.  Since the exclusive design is elegant and rare on the makret, so it is a high-end item. The interior is equipment with 2 lined compartments and two separted pockets.It is essentially a luxurious item, fit for formal occassions.The craftsmanship and skillful texture are superior. This item is perfect for women to show glamour among the crowds. Have this in your everyday wardrobe will make you a spotlight right away.  


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In&Out 入境婚禮影像工作室(自助婚紗) 
營業時間: 下午一點到晚上九點

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白羊座:見朋友也不見你 雖然白羊座生性直爽,但由於其英雄主義作崇,所以無情地拋棄女人這種行為他絕對做不出。若他變心了,他先會藉詞約了朋友以避開你的約會。 在他整理好自己的思緒後,他就會坦白地表明分手意願,絕不會倘誤你的青春。




金牛座:不再善妒懶理你 金牛座沉默寡言,要看透他的心事,絕對就是高難度動作。不過只要記著戀愛中的金牛座佔有欲極強,妒忌心極重。

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