Sonnet 始祖Petrarch 大師(widely used)

Definition: The term” sonnet” derives form the Occitan word’ sonnet” and Italian word “sonnetto,” both literally meaning” little song.” Sonnet is one of the poetic forms which consists of 14 lines. According to a strict rhyme scheme, sonnets are written in iambic pentameter and every other syllable is naturally accented.

First Stanza

Octave (8 lines) => ask a Question

2 variable form  :




Second Stanza

Sestet( 6 lines) => offer the answer

2 variable form:



Key info:

Petrarch establishes the most widely used sonnet form. Petrarch sonnet divides into 8-line octave that states a proposition or problem, followed by a 6-line sestet that resolves to solve the problem, with a clear break between the two sections. Characteristically, the 9th marks a turn, as a transition or move from proposition to the resolution. by signaling a change in tone, mood or stance of the poem.

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