Enjoy Natural Beauty from the Inside Out: Anti- Aging and Skin Transformation Secrets 

           Some count calories attentively and eat junk food at midnight. If you are one of them, you are wasting your time. Diet over! You have clever way to achieve your goal weight! It could be surprisingly easy to lose your weight efficiently if you follow the guidelines below in your daily routine.


1. Never skip your breakfast!




Have a luminous breakfast could be extremely helpful to lose your weight and get healthier.It will help you to shed more than 50 pounds effortlessly if you keep the habit. If you have irresistible love for chocolate or peanut butter, enjoy it in the early morning. The early satisfaction would make you eaiser to resist those them at midnight.


2. It is time to throw away your bags of potato chips.


      The more intakes of potato chips will result in more production of free radicals in your body. The fact is free radical is the main element which makes people sick and old. It is assured that potato chips are totally unhealthy to our body. But the question goes to” How to quit junk food?”How to keep my huger down? Find satisfactions by something you love or something beautiful. Be wiser. Cast your desire upon clothes, jewelry rather than junk food. Count your monthly expense upon junk food and limit your budget upon it. Dress up with beautiful clothes or stuff yourself with tons of trash food, the difference is self-evident. The former might help you to build up your confidence and the later might do harm to your health condition and confidence as well.


3. Make sleep a priority and Stop burning the midnight Oil.



       The connection between sleep and weight-Loss is assured. Studies have shown that if you sleep in the right time, it will help you lose your weight efficiently. Have more sleep is probably the easiest way to get your weight loss.It is time to change your sleep habits right now. According to the research conducted by Patel with, those who slept 5 hours or less per night are more likely to gain 30 pounds or more than those who slept seven hours per night.Sleep deprivation might affect our appetite, which drive us to crave for more food, especially junk food. And the vicious circle came in to being. Those who burned the midnight oil get more fatigued, and then they grew to have less interest to do exercise. Do you have enough sleep? If you feel sleepy during daytime, it is a signal of sleep insufficiency.


4. The benefit of exercise: happier, healthier and slim


       Basically, there is a lot going on inside our brain whenever we do exercise. Accordingly to specific scientific knowledge, exercise does more benefit than we commonly suppose. It is not merely has something to do with muscle-building stamina training. Whenever we do exercise, the brain would release reparative element named BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor) and endorphins. With BDNF and endorphins, the brain can ease stress and instead promote happy moods. The reason behind the protective operation is interesting. It is said that when our heart pressure increases, the brain would suppose we are in an emergent condition. Altogether, regular exercise can turn you on and prevent people from depression.


Further Issue: What disrupt people from having a good sleep? The most common possibilities refer to breathing problem and insomnia.


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Enjoy Natural Beauty from the Inside Out: Anti- Aging and Skin Transformation Secrets


     Red wine can probably help you to revitalize your skin and embrace your youthful skin once again. What are the key supplements to keep beauty and youth? Firstly, you have to avoid inflammatory foods and processed foods, all of which hasten the process of aginggrowing number of studies focus on the issue of wine effects. There is a heated controversy and dispute over the question that “Is wine healthy, beneficial or harmful to our health?” Some claim that a glass of red wine a day is good for mine and body in suggesting that wine stimulates body circulation and dilates blood vessels and hence relieve nerve problems or mental depression and also stimulate nerve regeneration and boosts appetite, which consequently protects people against a whole range of diseases, ranged from heart disease, stroke, dementia and so forth.



     Indeed, wine has a long history of being recommended to cure a wide range of inflammations and physical disorders. In a sense, wine is given a medical role in history. With a moderate amount of wine in daily lives is absolutely a healthy diet style. What is assured is that a moderate amount of wine can definitely protect women against high blood pressure and promise lower risk of leg arteries problems. Red wine can be beneficial to our health if the weekly quantity is controlled under 10 pints of beer. According to French researches, daily moderate drinking habits can improve brain functions too. Red wine is notably recognized as a one of the effective anti-inflammatory element on the ground that red wine owns higher concentration of flavonoids and red anthocyanin pigments. Fundamentally, flavonoids act as antioxidants to ward off inflammation symptoms. Studies have shown that red wine’s nutrient is relatively higher than white wine. With one to two glasses of red wine per day can effectively reduce inflammatory substances in the blood and secure higher levels of “good” HDL cholesterol in the body. It goes without saying that moderation is the key point in having a healthy life style.


   Some people are born to be anemic, namely, with iron-deficient anemic condition after birth. People with deficient iron substance might feel tired easier or look pale in appearance. Nevertheless, iron deficiency is a commonplace  thing in women. To be more precisely, people with anemia should be more aware of food selection. They’d better avoid eating foods with high levels of oxalic acid, rhubarb, tomatoes, spinach, and chocolate, all of which inhibit the absorption of iron. Iron’s duty is to make hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout the body.



Q: What kind of foods is recognized as good sources of iron?

Meats, shellfish, sardines, green leafy vegetables and so forth. And the best of all is liver and red meats.




Q: What’s the connection between wine and beauty?


     There is extensive data on the issue of wine and beauty. I try to sort out two major points. Firstly, the antioxidants in red wine works plays a major role in warding off free radicals in our body. When it comes to free radicals, it is judged as the main substance which results in aging and age-related diseases. Since red wine can relieve people’s nerves and anxieties and stresses, if you drink red wine on a regular basis, it will help your skin to glow. Generally speaking, aging goes along with a wide range of disease, such as cancer, diabetes and etc. The studies have shown that regular wine drinkers have an 80% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.



Q: Does red wine differ from other forms of alcohol?


The answer is certain on the ground that red wine does not suppress the immune system (免疫系統) .

Q: In what condition can wine do harm to our health?

Red wine can be harmful to our health only under the premise that people who drink up to 30 units of alcohol a week.


Q: What can be named moderate drinking?


Two glasses of wine for men and one for women in a daily basis, according to Richard A. Baxter, MD, a plastic surgeon in Seattle and the author of Age Gets Better with Wine. Women who drink five units a week or fewer are twice as likely to conceive within six months as women drinking more than 10 units a week. Besides, mothers are advised not to drink during pregnancy, which might damage the development of fetus. One glass of wine a week is the maxim for the pregnant women. Heavy drinking is toxic to health, which might lead to health problems, such as unsatisfactory performance in sex, hormonal changes and testicular shriveling.




Other issues:

Q: What type of wine is the first choice?

Q: How to uncork a wine bottle without cork screw?

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