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l   Alternative: Mix & match bold colors, prints and textures.

l   rip your clothes to shreds

l   clothes that have a retro vintage look : revival of old trends


Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2014 CollectionDiesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2014 Collection




























英倫騎士風鉚丁皮革夾克 + 紗裙洋裝





Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2014 Collection 




What are the elements to characterize the punk rock fashion style?


HIT items:


  1. 1.          leather biker jackets & printed leather
  2. 2.          metal hardware& metal detailing (metal zipper, buckles, eyelets)
  3. 3.          off-the-shoulder zebra print top
  4. 4.          patched skinny jeans
  5. 5.          studded platform heels
  6. 6.          handmade accessories (punk jewelry)
  7. 7.          bold makeup & funky hairstyle
  8. 8.          airy chiffon dresses & chiffon blouses bring out softness vibe.
  9. 9.          Black Hooded Gothic Jacket


 6 5 2 

Background: The punk style initiated in early 70's.It rose to peak during the decades of 80s.



Marc Jacobs spring 2014 campaign : model pop star Miley Cyrus.

Photographer: David Sims

core concept: dark beach images

Backdrop &location: Los Angeles, California.

marc-jacobs-spring-2014-campaign-photos2-800x448 marc-jacobs-spring-2014-campaign-photos7-800x448 marc-jacobs-spring-2014-campaign-photos8-800x448  

 tag:: Natalie Westling and Esmerelda Seay Reynolds


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Dare to be different.愛你所愛

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